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My Approach

The types of therapies/approaches I use are specifically chosen to privilege the way HSP's and Empaths naturally exist in and process the world around them. These approaches are evidence based practices. We can learn to use our innate emotional capacity and empathy skills to help ourselves out of overwhelm and into thriving.  Further, we can use our "metacognitive" skills to make sense of ourselves and our  experiences. If we feel deeply and take in information deeply then we need to learn the ways we can use all of this to heal deeply. Our nervous system and brain is wired for that! In fact we are all wired in this way... for healing. Because HSP's and Empaths pay closer attention our healing is experienced deeper than those who are not HSP. 

I want to help bring relief and healing that sticks. What I know about this is that we have to pay attention to our emotions and our body. Feeling better in substantial ways involves resolving emotional memories that often keep us linked to the past. Feeling better also involves getting more comfortable with some positive emotional experiences, like when we feel cared for,  connected, safe, vital , strong, whole and complete, and aware of our own truth. I work to help heal and understand the core causes of suffering and distress rather than merely manage the symptoms. 

My approach is highly attuned to you, the way you experience the world, and your goals for change, healing, and growth.