HSP/Empath Info Session

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Use this session to discover specific information about High Sensitivity, being an Empath, similarities and differences and the science behind either/both. I will summarize findings, we can discuss the information, I will answer your questions, and offer implications for both /either HSP's and Empaths.


Have you ever met and talked to another who identifies as an HSP or Empath? Maybe you want to use this session to just make contact, ask questions, compare experiences, and undo aloneness. 

Self report measures for High Sensitivity and /or being an Empath will be provided if you have not already completed them.

HSP/Empath Psychotherapy Session

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Your sessions are unique to you and we focus our work on what  and how it is that you may want to learn, change, heal, or grow. 


Some common topics of exploration are: overwhelm and all that goes with it; re-describing the word "sensitive" or "empath" based on your description not the media/majority non-sensitive society; feeling emotions so deeply and having challenges differentiating all of the different emotions that can come all at once; differentiating the emotions you are feeling versus what someone else is feeling; challenges associated with over-empathizing/ empathy fatigue/ caregiver fatigue; trauma work, reframing our past, boundaries, communication, relationships with non-hsp/empaths, relationships with other hsp/empaths... This is certainly not an exhaustive list but what are common topics. Check "My Approach" page to get a general idea of how I work with each of these topics. By calling me/attending a meet and greet you can ask me specific questions about my approach or your situation specifically.


Finally, let's reconnect you to your truest self so you can live your most authentic and meaningful life.

Mindfulness and Self-Compassion Training

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Learning to be more Self-Compassionate can decrease levels of depression, anxiety, stress, and shame. Further, people who are more self-compassionate experience greater well being : more happiness, life satisfaction, self-confidence, and physical health.  

Self-compassion practices can transform how you relate to yourself and in turn transform your life. 

We can start to approach ourselves as we would care for a  precious pet, a dear friend, or a loved one. 

Learning to soften towards ourselves and then ask, "What is it that I need right now?" is a key way of relating to ourselves and our needs. 

In a busy, high energy world Highly Sensitive People and those who experience deep empathy need time and space to slow down and be with themselves as to not become overwhelmed by external demands, critical inner voices, and the noise of the world. Learning mindfulness and self-compassionate practices helps HSP's and Empaths to have a closer, more authentic relationship with ourselves, others, and the world. 

Ask me about the specific practices and the evidence based research supporting the effectiveness of mindfulness and self-compassion.