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At this time, I'm only doing online sessions.

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Together, let's unlock love and healing.

Evidence- based holistic psychotherapy for highly sensitive/deeply empathic youth and adults to overcome trauma-based, emotional, relational, thinking, creative, employment, or spiritual obstacles. 
This is NOT your traditional cognitive therapy.


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Book a free 30 minute Zoom/phone "meet and greet" by going online now and scheduling yourself in at a convenient time. Alternatively, call, text, or email me so we can talk about what support you may need and if I fit with what you are looking. 
Co-create your unique healing plan in a safe and confidential space. 
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.........IS EASY

Attend sessions with me. Share, be accompanied, and guided to unlock your natural healing abilities.  Use them all to learn, grow, heal, and thrive.
Experience your own transformance. Feel better. Feel more vitality, contentment, connectedness, authenticity, relief, hope, and wholeness. 


HSP/Empath Info Session

Do you or someone you know want more scientific information on the trait of High Sensitivity (scientific term: Sensory Processing Sensitivity) or what the science and research reveals about  being an Empath?

HSP/Empath Counselling Session

Baby step by baby step I  help you unlock and use your own natural healing abilities to transform emotional, psychological, and relational hurts/trauma/obstacles into vitality, strength, and wholeness. 

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Mindfulness and Self-Compassion Training

Helping you to learn practices that soothe, calm, and connect you to you. I can teach you  practices that you can use by yourself, at any moment when things may be overwhelming, confusing, or painful. We can create a unique practice schedule that matches your life so you can live with more peace, calm, acceptance, and connection to yourself. 

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About Me

I help Highly Sensitive People and Empaths heal and thrive in an overstimulating world. I help people unlock and use their own natural healing abilities to transform emotional, psychological, and relational wounds into aliveness, wholeness, and confidence.  Avoid ongoing loneliness, isolation, confusion, doubt, fear, and emptiness. Learn to use your exquisitely attuned emotions so you can clearly distinguish yours from others'. Refine your deep empathy and feelings of being moved for others, animals, our environment, and the arts to include loving kindness and self-compassion also for YOU!  Learn to incorporate lifestyle modifications so that you can manage overwhelm. I can help guide you through the steps and processes to start living more authentically, having a deeper connection to yourself and others, living with meaning and purpose according to your values and dreams, using your emotional intelligence and your unique ways of experiencing yourself and the world as a guide.

​Though I identify as a straight, white, middle aged, cis gendered female and Highly Sensitive Person/Empath, I welcome all diversity in all the ways it exists. All are so so welcome...

I am a Certified Canadian Counsellor with the Canadian Counselling and Psychotherapy Association and a professional member in good standing (Membership No. 10000691). I am also a Registered Clinical Counsellor with the British Columbia Association of Clinical Counsellors and a professional member in good standing. (Membership No. 18009). My Masters of Counselling Degree is from the University of Calgary. My Bachelor of General Studies (with distinction) is from Simon Fraser University.  I practice clinical counselling/psychotherapy, mindfulness, and love. 

I am a registered provider with ICBC, CVAP (Crime Victim Assistance Program) and any insurance company that  provides coverage for a RCC or CCC. 


HSP/Empath Information Tidbits

Click on the "Read More" below to be directed to some brief information bites. I've purposely kept this short and sweet. Contact me if you would like specific research study citations for further research. Elaine Aron's site (https://hsperson.com/) has many up to date research articles regarding High Sensitivity. 


Mindful Moments