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Couple Hugging

Trauma Transformance Counselling

Baby step by baby step I can help you unlock and use your own natural healing abilities to transform emotional, psychological, and relational hurts and trauma into vitality, strength, wholeness. Let's reconnect you to yourself and others so you can live your most authentic and meaningful life. 

Image by Pete Nowicki

HSP/Empath Information Session

Discover the science behind High Sensitivity/Sensory Processing Sensitivity. Explore the science behind empathy and what the research says about being an Empath. 

Image by Andre Iv

Mindfulness and

Self-Compassion Training

Helping you to learn practices that soothe, calm, and connect you to you. I can teach you  practices that you can use by yourself, at any moment when things may be overwhelming, confusing, or painful. We can create a unique practice schedule that matches your life so you can live with more peace, calm, acceptance, and connection to yourself. 

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